2019 Special Awards Candidate

We are proud to announce that our PGA Professional, Tim Strickland, has been nominated for “Teacher of the Year” by the PGA, Michigan Section!  To earn the nomination a candidate must fill several criteria. Tim exceeded each and every one!  Ballots are mailed to members of the PGA, Michigan Section, in November. Best of Luck to Tim! You are already a winner at Stonebridge Golf Club.


  • Overall impact on teaching/coaching at the candidate’s facility to include number/hours of lessons/clinics and dollars generated
  • Unusual, innovative or special teaching programs initiated or implemented
  • Instructional articles, videos or publications written or produces
  • Examples of innovative techniques/technologies used or specialty certifications that enhance the candidate’s programs, lessons and ability as an instructor
  • Continued education and training in the area of golf instruction



I am truly honored to be nominated for this award. My love for this great game has opened my eyes to so many ways that we as golf professionals can bring this game to many by making it accessible for people to begin and for people to advance in their play at all levels: from individual instruction to group lessons to promotional clinics at trade shows or public fairs to offering programs in local schools. For the continued growth of our profession, it is in all of our best interests to interest and keep golfers of all types interested and welcomed to this game. I believe accessible instruction is key.

Especially in the Ann Arbor area, the most educated community in the nation, one of the first questions I am often asked by potential students (customers/clients) is my teaching philosophy. Even the brilliant faculty I give lessons to say they appreciate that I start all instruction—of new or advanced golfers—with enhancement of the basics. Yes, I incorporate the science and I utilize technology. For example, people love that I email them with video of their swings and customized instructions for their follow up and practice. Yet, I believe overthinking is often at the heart of many golfers’ woes. While I give them the intellectual tools for improvement, I think my greatest asset is that as a teacher I take my role as an encourager and cheerleader, if you will, just as seriously.

When I began my association with Stonebridge Golf Club in Ann Arbor 7 years ago, we did not offer teaching of any kind. I introduced a variety of instructional programs that have truly led to player development, from juniors to adults.

  • April 2011–Current: Director of Instruction – Stonebridge Golf Club
  • SNAG Jr. Golf program: Classes and on-course play for kids 5-7 and 8-10 years old with 20 kids in each session, offering 5 session per season. Extra session at local schools over the winter.
  • Adult Get Golf Ready, Women’s Clinics, Parent/Child Clinics (30+ Families this season), Individual Instruction, Summer Jr Golf Camps (150 Kids) and PGA Jr Golf League (36 players)
  • Head Golf Coach at Concordia University for Men’s (past four years) and Women’s Golf Teams. (as of this fall). Voted by coaches in division to receive “Champions of Character” award.
  • Created and implemented after school programs specifically aimed at the middle-school aged population in the area to offer the only such golf-related instruction.
  • Adult and Jr Individual Instruction / Lessons average 175+ a year.
  • For inclement weather and in the winter, continue lessons using Tru Golf Simulator Technology, located in our facility.
  • Conduct off-season golf specific Clinics at additional local indoor simulators, both groups and individual lessons.
  • Provided local Ann Arbor Schools indoor golf classes (8 different schools in winter of 2017-18). Teachers and school administrators from across the county have lobbied for me to expand the program.
  • Volunteered past two years on “Growth of Game Committee” for our Michigan Section. Consistently offer my teaching for PGA programs (e.g., Whirlpool, Senior PGA, etc.).

Although I obviously want to be compensated for my work, I’ve also volunteered for efforts that promote junior golf, which I see as my responsibility as a PGA pro committed to growing the game locally. For example, I ran a promotional clinic during the LPGA Volvik Championship in Ann Arbor and also did the same for charities, such as the Chad Tough Foundation.