Adult Private Golf Lessons


Purchase golf lessons individually or in a package.  We also offer an on course Playing Lesson (limited to 1 1/2 hours).  Private Lesson times will be arranged directly with each Pro on a first-come availability basis.

  • $100  | (1) One 45-minute private lesson
  • $400 | (5) Five 45-minute private lesson package
  • $199  | Playing Lesson (limited to 1.5 hours)


Playing great golf requires much more than patience and practice. Perfecting your game involves constant critique and analysis of how you are using your strength, flexibility, and natural talent to improve your game.

Teaching Philosophy:

· Stress the basic fundamentals

· Improve GPA: Grip/Posture/Alignment (or Getting Prepared Accurately)

· Build a solid foundation of basic fundamentals

· Develop a swing that fits one’s body structure, strength, and flexibility

· Help each individual understand his/her game and become confident

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(1) One 45-minute Lesson, (5) five 45-minute Lesson Package, Playing Lesson