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Junior Golf Lessons | Junior Golf Camps

Stonebridge offers a variety of weekly golf clinics for Juniors as well as golf camps. All of our programming is led by PGA Teaching Professional, Tim Strickland, Stonebridge Director of Instruction.  Programming is also available for Adults.  Take a look our schedule of adult golf clinics.
We all want our kids to develop into responsible adults. The game of golf has at its core a standard of behavior that lends itself to positive development. Personal skills such as: honesty, integrity, courtesy and respect are all present in golf, regardless of the level of competition. Golf teaches kids to use good judgment and be responsible for their actions. It also encourages the highest level of sportsmanship. Stonebridge Junior Golf Lessons and Junior Golf Clinics focus on these important lifelong skills. What other sport allows you to call a penalty on yourself with examples of this very thing being demonstrated on the biggest stages of the game?
In addition to the scholarships that colleges and universities offer directly to the accomplished golfers coming out of high school, there are numerous avenues to receive monies that can be used to help with cost of higher education. Equipment manufacturers, State Golf Associations, junior golf organizations and philanthropists who themselves benefited from the game, are all on the list of sources that offer anything from $250 for books to full-ride scholarships to the students school of choice. In many cases, skill level is not a determining factor for receiving an award: involvement in the game, good grades, community service, and employment at a golf facility can all be reasons for becoming a scholarship winner. It’s free money, so take advantage!
When was the last time you played a game of tackle football with your son or field hockey with your daughter? Golf is a game that families can learn and play together. And because of the handicap system that was created to determine a golfer’s playing ability and potential, moms and dads can actually compete with their children even if they play from different tee boxes or at significantly different skill levels. And have a game that the whole family can play for years to come.
Everyone knows how demanding the business world can be. It is no secret that some of the biggest deals have been conducted on the golf course. Imagine (or maybe you don’t have to) what it would be like as a non-golfer working in an office full of golfers. When the time comes for networking and building the relationships that lead to promotions and access to the best clients, you don’t want your child to be the one stuck back at the office shuffling papers around a desk. Impress just one client or boss with a skillful golf game or simply a high level of professionalism and conduct as it relates to the game, and your child may have just “punched a ticket” for future success in the industry.
It is estimated that 20 to 30% of children and adolescents in the U.S. are overweight. The physical and emotional issues that can result from childhood obesity are as staggering as the number itself. Twenty years ago, golf and fitness were rarely uttered in the same sentence, but thanks to a new generation of golf professionals, strength, conditioning and nutrition are a significant part of golf instructional programs. Would you rather have your kids playing video games or out getting some exercise? As schools continue to cut budgets and remove physical fitness, it is crucial that kids avoid becoming couch potatoes when they are not in school. Golf is a great low-impact way to develop the cardio activity, core stability; balance and focus that help reduce health concerns.
Program NameSession #Start DateEnd DateDaysTime
Jr Golf Camp 1-US Open Camp1June 26June 29M,T,W,Th8:30am-12:30pmregister
Jr Golf Camp 2-British Open Camp2July 17July 20M,T,W,Th8:30am-12:30pmregister
Jr Golf Camp 3-PGA Championship Camp3July 31Aug 3M,T,W,Th8:30am-12:30pmregister
Jr Golf Camp 4-Last Swings of Summer4Aug 28Aug 31M,T,W,Th8:30am-12:30pmregister
Jr Fall Golf League1Sep 11Oct 4M,W4pm-6:30pmregister
SNAG Golf1May 17June 7W6-7pmregister
SNAG Golf2June 14July 5W6-7pmregister
SNAG Golf3July 19Aug 9W6-7pmregister
Parent/Child1June 4June 25Sun (4wks)5-6pmregister
Parent/Child2July 16Aug 6Sun (4wks5-6pmregister