Stonebridge Golf Course Superintendent, Matt Groth, uses a stimpmeter regularly to measure the speed of our putting greens.

What is a Stimpmeter?  A Stimpmeter is an aluminum device that is slowly raised (by hand) until, when the device reaches an angle of 22 degrees, gravity causes the golf ball to release from the notch on the device.  A groove, or channel, down the center of the Stimpmeter, keeps the ball on track as it rolls down. When the golf ball exits the ramp, it rolls out across the green.  The distance the ball rolls before stopping becomes the “Stimp rating,” indicating green speed. If the golf ball rolls nine feet, the Stimp rating is 9; if it rolls 11 feet, the green speed rates at 11.

How does Superintendent Groth keep the Stonebridge putting greens rolling so fast?  The greens are brushed, double cut and rolled.  Often a greens roller is used eight consecutive days in a row to keep them smooth and fast.

Today’s greens are rolling at 10. How does this compare?  Well at the US Open they recommend 10.5 feet for Fast greens. Happy putting!