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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you engaged and looking for the perfect wedding reception and ceremony venue in Ann Arbor? We know how important it is to choose the perfect venue and not have any surprises. To that end we have created this list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Stonebridge Golf Club executes over 40 wedding receptions and ceremonies each year, in addition to dozens of golf outings and dozens of corporate events. If you don’t see your question below, please feel free to Contact Us, we have the answer! No two events are ever exactly the same, that is what makes us unique. We enjoy tailoring each event to fit your needs and vision! We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

What décor is permitted indoors?2022-09-22T19:50:44+00:00

We allow candles that are fully contained in a glass enclosure.  Our staff is happy to light all candles in your décor, just prior to your guests arrival. We do not allow tape, Command Strips or tacks on any surface. Unfortunately, we find Command Strips do damage the paint on our walls.

We do not allow confetti of any kind sprinkled on our tables. The confetti ends up on the floor and clogs our vacuum, thank you for understanding.

Any decorations that you bring in (not rented from Stonebridge) must be removed from the venue BEFORE the end of your event. If you include rentals in your contract Stonebridge takes care of clean-up of those rental items.

What decorations are permitted outdoors?2022-09-22T19:43:08+00:00

For Wedding Ceremonies we do not allow throwing artificial flower petals. Artificial flower petals do not biodegrade and blow through our property for months. Fresh flower petals are allowable.

We do not allow bird seed, grass seed, confetti or anything that will not biodegrade within a couple of days. Please keep in mind that we have back to back events and the client for the following day would appreciate that the outdoor space as you found it.

When planning signage for outdoors, consider heavier materials so that the wind does not take it down.

If you are planning table decor for the patio tables or high tops, consider that windy days tend to send light weight glass objects to their demise. A trick it to add glass stones, beads to the bottom of light weight jars.

Do you allow Candles2022-09-22T19:21:44+00:00

We do allow open flames with the following requirements.  The flame must be contained in a glass housing. We do not allow tall taper candles in candlestick holders unless the flame is enclosed in a glass cylinder.

Do you have photos of the event space and outdoor ceremony area?2020-03-18T18:45:23+00:00

Yes we do!  We can seat 200 guests on our lawn: 10 rows of 20, with 10 chairs on each side of the aisle. Please visit our Facebook Page at: Facebook/GolfStonebridge We create a new album and post pictures after most of our events.  There are hundreds of photos of our indoor banquet room, indoor bar area, outdoor tent, Tiki Bar and ceremony site.  You will enjoy seeing how our event space transforms to fit many wedding styles.  We have also begun creating event portfolios on our website: Event Portfolio

What is required for plated meal service?2019-04-22T20:34:10+00:00
Plated Meal Seating Card

Plated Meal Seating Card

Seating Chart Board

Framed Seating Chart

Table Number Assignments

Table Number Guest Assignments

Guest Escort/Seating Cards

Guest Escort/Seating Cards

Ten days prior to your event, we require your final guest count, along with the total number of each entree ordered. You will be required to use escort/place cards to indicate the entrée each guest ordered.

The entrée selection for each guest must be clearly visible to servers.  Guests typically forget what they ordered between the event day and the day they mailed their RSVP, weeks earlier. Cards help the guest, and server, know which entrée to serve.

As you receive your responses from guests, we welcome receiving a copy of your final tally sheet (in any format you may have: spreadsheet, word document, hand written copy).  Stonebridge can use this information to prepare a summary, by table number, with entrée totals.

For example:

  • Table 1 = 3 fish / 6 beef / 1 vegetarian
  • Table 2 = 4 fish / 5 beef / 1 child

Providing the above information will help expedite the plated dinner service.  However, this detail is not required.  Our servers will walk around the tables prior to dinner service and tally the information.  Please note that place cards are still required, in front of each guest, for plated service to identify which entrée was ordered.  For buffet service we simply require that each guest be assigned to a specific table.

Are Seating Charts Required?2019-04-22T20:34:10+00:00

Yes, we do require that you assign each guest to a Table number (per our provided room layout with numbered tables).  This does take extra time, but your guests will really appreciate knowing where to sit!  It is particularly uncomfortable for guests that arrive late, or arrive in groups, to know here they should sit.  Additionally, we like to set each table with the required number of place settings to make the best use of our space and ultimate comfort of your guests.  You can assign seats by creating individual guest Place Cards (sometimes referred to as Escort Cards) or you can make a single chart/board that guests can use to look up their name and table assignment.  We have seen boards created alphabetically, with a table number beside each guest’s name.  You can also create a board by Table number, with guest names listed under each table number.


Can Stonebridge accommodate special dietary needs of my guests?2019-04-22T20:34:15+00:00

Absolutely!  All of the food is prepared on site, from scratch.  Our chef can accommodate any special need from Vegan to Gluten free requests.  To expedite these requests, and not delay dinner service for your guests, we require that all special requests be submitted by e-mail to your Event Planner along with your final count.  These special requests will be noted on your contract for your confirmation and communication to our event staff.  Note that all menus include a Vegetarian option.  For buffet service pasta with house made marinara is included in your buffet.  For plated service, a vegetarian option will be subject to Chef’s choice, unless you choose to offer a specific vegetarian entree as one of your selections.

What are your linen choices?2019-04-22T20:34:15+00:00

Stonebridge provides standard white linens and white linen napkins. All service tables are skirted in white and covered in white linens.  Upgrades are offered for Floor Length linens and colored napkins.  Table Runners and Table overlays are available at an additional cost.  If you choose to bring in a specialty linen or table runner, these items must be delivered to Stonebridge 5 days prior to your event.

Are there limitations to your open, unlimited bar, that is included in the wedding package?2020-03-18T18:54:20+00:00

All Wedding Packages include a five hour unlimited bar service which includes: two beer selections, liquors (call or premium), house wine selections, soda and juices.  For the safety of your guests, Stonebridge bartenders follow these regulations:  guests will not be served shots or doubles under any circumstances; guests who are overly intoxicated  will be limited to non-alcoholic drinks; guests will not be served specialty drinks that require mixing multiple liquors.  Anyone drinking alcoholic drinks must be 21 years or older and will be required to present a valid form of I.D.

Can I bring my own food?2020-03-18T18:55:34+00:00

Stonebridge is a full service venue and we do not allow outside food or beverage.  For wedding receptions we permit you to bring in your preferred wedding dessert: cake, cupcakes, pies, etc

How many guests can Stonebridge accommodate?2020-03-18T18:57:51+00:00

Stonebridge can accommodate 200-220 guests utilizing both the Banquet Room and Indoor Bar areas. Seating maximums vary depending on the dinner service (plated or buffet) and the size, and location, of the head table.  The Banquet Room can hold 140-160 guests and tables flow into the Bar area in excess of 160.

What tables are provided?2022-09-22T19:06:59+00:00
  • For a Wedding Reception Stonebridge provides:
    • 6ft skirted table for DJ (72” x 30”)
    • 3ft square skirted table for cake (36” x 36”)
    • Head Table skirted to accommodate any size wedding party OR Sweetheart table for two on the dance floor
      • Sweetheart table is 36″ x 36″
      • Head Tables are custom length to accommodate 2ft per person. A wedding party of 12 guests will be seated at a head table that is 24ft
    • 6ft x 3ft skirted table for Gifts (72” x 30”)
    • 6ft skirted table for Guest Place cards (escort cards) or Framed seating chart (72” x 30”)
    • 4 (four) tall cocktail tables on outdoor patio (39” diameter x 41” tall)
    • 2 (two) tall cocktail tables indoor cocktail area (Bar Area) (30” diameter x 40” tall)
    • 6 (six) tables for guest seating during cocktail hour under outdoor tent (48″ round)
    • 4 (four) umbrella tables for guest seating on the patio along the banquet room window wall (48″ round)
    • Guest dinner tables’ set-up in the Banquet Room are 60” Rounds to accommodate up to 10 guests per table.  We also stock 72″ rounds to accommodate up to 12 guests per table. Your Event Planner will forward a customized room layout for your event approximately 90 days prior.
When can the Florist, Bakery & DJ arrive to set-up or make their delivery?2022-09-22T19:10:29+00:00

The Banquet Room will be available for deliveries after Noon on the day of your event (unless otherwise noted).  Earlier delivery times can easily be arranged with approval from your Event Planner.  Feel free to give your vendors the Stonebridge Event Planner’s cell phone and e-mail information so that they can make arrangements directly.  Any items that are delivered for the Bar Area (gift table and/or cocktail tables or cupcake display) can be left in the Banquet Room. We close the bar area thirty minutes prior to the start of a private event. Stonebridge staff are happy to place any items for the Bar Area.

What does my DJ need to know about your venue?2019-04-22T20:34:15+00:00

Stonebridge provides a 6ft skirted table. Please let your Event Planner know if this is not needed and your DJ plans to bring his/her own equipment stand.  Load in and out of our venue is extremely convenient, compared to hotels.  There are no stairs or long walks.  The DJ can temporarily park in the handicap spaces near the outdoor tent.  The DJ table is just inside the back patio door, only 25 ft from the parking lot!  The outdoor ceremony site is just outside the back patio door, proving a simple set-up to provide both ceremony and reception music.  It is just a little over 100 feet from the ceremony site pergola to the indoor DJ table.  The banquet space at Stonebridge requires no more than two standard speakers.

Can we use the speakers at Stonebridge for our outdoor Ceremony music?2019-04-22T20:34:15+00:00

Unfortunately the controls to our sound system are located in the kitchen, which is a designated a Staff Only area.  It is difficult to coordinate the processional and bridal music timing from inside the kitchen.  We recommend that you speak with your DJ about providing ceremony music and a microphone.  Microphone’s are not necessary, and often not used, but your Officiant may make this request.  Many DJs offer an add-on ‘ceremony package’ for providing ceremony music and microphone options.  The location of the DJ area inside the banquet room is just over 100 feet from the outdoor Pergola, at the outdoor ceremony site.  It is very convenient for a DJ to place a speaker outside the banquet room door to provide both ceremony music and cocktail hour music outdoors!

Who runs our ceremony rehearsal?2022-09-22T19:13:44+00:00

Your officiant will be responsible for running your rehearsal. All ceremony fees include a Stonebridge Ceremony Coordinator.  You will meet your Ceremony Coordinator at your rehearsal. Until that time, your Event Planner, is you main point of contact and is happy to answer any questions regarding the ceremony or reception.  Our Ceremony Coordinators will assure that the wedding party is lined up properly and sent down to the ceremony site where your Wedding Officiant will be waiting. If you need recommendations on Wedding Officiants in the area your Stonebridge Wedding Planner has a list!

Our Ceremony Coordinators will take care of everything to assure a smooth, timely ceremony.  The Stonebridge coordinator will assist in getting guests seated, getting the family ready for the roles they will take in the ceremony, sending the wedding party down the aisle at the correct time, coordinating the photographer and officiant for the marriage license signing, following the wedding party, after the ceremony, to make sure you get all of the photos you need during the cocktail hour and much, much more!

How do we schedule the ceremony rehearsal?2020-03-18T19:05:42+00:00

Ceremony rehearsals may be scheduled by contacting your Event Planner 90 days prior to your event.  If there is another event in the banquet room the evening of your preferred rehearsal day, rehearsal can be schedule anytime before 2:00pm, to be completed by 3:00pm.  Otherwise, an evening rehearsal is welcome the day prior. Alternatively, you are welcome to schedule the rehearsal two days prior.

Stonebridge does not provide a wedding ceremony officiant. It is the couples responsibility to hire an officiant.  Typically your officiant will organize and run the rehearsal following the ceremony traditions and format you both discuss.  A Stonebridge staff will be scheduled to be on-site during the rehearsal should the officiant have logistical questions.

We are having an outdoor ceremony on-site, what if it rains?2022-09-22T20:00:58+00:00

There are two options: (1) holding the ceremony under the outdoor tent or (2) holding the ceremony indoors on the dance floor.

Stonebridge is very flexible in executing the best option for the bride and groom.

Our outdoor tent is very spacious at 20 feet wide by 45 feet long.  We can accommodate  approximately 160 guests under the tent with the couple exchanging vows at the back of the tent where the beautiful greenery provides a backdrop.

A decision to move the ceremony under the tent, or indoors, does not need to be made until 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start.  Tent heaters and tent sides, photographed below, are an additional cost, and must be ordered the morning of your wedding. Aisle runner not included (client provides)

outdoor tent ceremony

Tented Patio with sides installed

winter wedding reception and ceremony in ann arbor

What are the dimensions of the Pergola at the ceremony site, we would like to decorate?2020-03-18T19:31:17+00:00
outdoor ceremony site pergola

Outdoor Ceremony Site

You are welcome to add florals, draping and other décor to the outdoor pergola. We ask that these items be removed at the end of the evening.  Many florists will ask for the dimensions of our pergola for planning purposes.  Here they are:

The inside dimensions of the Pergola are 73″ wide and 80″ from the ground to the bottom of the roof crossbars.   On the outside front, the crossbar is 107” long.

When will our ceremony rehearsal be scheduled?2015-03-26T23:18:53+00:00

Rehearsals may be scheduled by contacting your Event Planner 90 days prior to your wedding date. If there is another wedding in the banquet room the evening of your preferred rehearsal day, rehearsal can be schedule anytime before 2:00pm, to be completed by 3:30pm.  Otherwise, an evening rehearsal is welcome.

What is a typical Wedding Reception & Outdoor Ceremony time line?2022-09-22T19:53:54+00:00
  • 4:30pm –  Banquet room set-up is complete and Bar area set-up begins
  • 5:00pm –  Venue set-up is complete
  • 5:30pm –  On site Ceremony begins
  • 6:00pm –  Reception begins. Five hour Bar Service begins. Forty-five minute Hors d’Ouevre service begins. Hors d’Ouevres are served under the tent on the back patio
  • 6:55pm –  Guests are seated for dinner
  • 7:00pm –  DJ announces the arrival of the Wedding Party
  • 7:05pm –  Weddding Party, Bride & Groom make their entrance
  • 7:10pm –  Toasts and/or Blessing
  • 7:20pm –  Dinner service begins
  • 8:00pm –  Cake cutting. Cake removed from dance floor display and sent to kitchen for plating.  To expedite cake cutting, we recommend cutting the cake during the entrance, prior to dinner.
  • 8:30pm –  Cake served buffet style
  • 10:00pm –  Late Night Snack served (optional/upgrade)
  • 10:50pm –  Last call announced by DJ
  • 11:00pm –  Five hour Bar Service ends (additional hour available, must be contracted prior to event for proper staffing)
  • Midnight – All decor brought in by client must be removed from tables and removed from building before Midnight.
  • Midnight –  Guests exit and Vendors pack-up. If vendors require more than 30 minutes to pack-up they must begin prior to Midnight to avoid additional facility usage charges.  Stonebridge staff begins clean-up
When will the room be available for set-up?2019-04-22T20:34:16+00:00

We guarantee access to the Banquet room and Bar area two hours prior to the start of your event. However, we are able to provide access to the Banquet Room portion of our venue as early as 8am, at an additional charge.  You can speak with your Event Planner to request that early morning access be added to your contract.  If Stonebridge is not booked the evening prior to your event, arrangements can be made to set-up the day prior if early morning access has been contracted.  Day before access can be discussed with your event planner no earlier than two months prior.

The Bar area will not be available earlier than 4:00pm on the day of your event, regardless of early entry for Banquet Room set-up.  The Bar & Grille remains open to golf customers until 4:00pm.  Any guest tables that may flow into the Bar area will be staged on the dance floor and then moved into the Bar area at 4:00pm.  The gift table and cocktail tables in the Bar area will be available at 4:00pm for set-up. Any items that will be placed on the gift table or cocktail tables in the bar area can be placed by Stonebridge.

After I book, what is a typical timeline regarding when decisions are made?2020-03-18T19:35:30+00:00

We prefer that all communication be via e-mail directly to your event planner at Stonebridge to keep electronic records.  A typical timeline for planning with us:

  • Book Venue
  • 6 months prior: pay 50% deposit
  • 6 months prior: Stonebridge will prepare a preliminary room layout, with table numbers, based on the estimated guest count and e-mail the floor plan in PDF format.  The document will label label numbers to be used for your guest seating assignments.
  • 6 months prior: confirm your linen choices (white linens are standard) including chaircover sash color (upgraded service) or chiavari chair color (upgraded service)
  • 90 days prior: e-mail your event planner with your menu choices
  • 90 days prior: Contact your Event Planner to schedule your ceremony rehearsal time.
  • 30 days prior: confirm menu and beer selections and provide rough estimate of guest count
  • 12 days prior: e-mail your event planner with your confirmed guest count (and entrée counts for plated meals) so that the final balance can be calculated. Within 24 hours you will receive an updated contract PDF with your final balance due. Don’t forget to include the wedding party and any vendors that require meals
  • 10 days prior: Final Payment is due based on the final guest count provided
  • 7 days prior: E-mail your event planner with the number of guests seated at each table, by table number. Stonebridge requires that each guest be assigned a table number, per the room layout.
What methods of payment do you accept?2020-03-18T19:43:59+00:00

To keep out costs low, we prefer all payments to be made in the form of personal check or money order made payable to “Stonebridge Golf Club”.  Payments can be mailed to Stonebridge, postmarked on or before the due date.  You are welcome to make payments in person in the Pro Shop during daylight hours April-November.  During the off season, December-March, please call to make an appointment. To make a payment using a credit card, please add a 3% service charge.  We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

For your convenience, you can make payment through our website: Event Payment

When are payments on weddings due?2020-05-19T22:16:57+00:00

A $2,000 non-refundable payment is due to confirm your wedding date, along with a signed contract. The non-refundable payment is applied to your final balance.  The remaining balance of your contract, after the $2,000 payment, is divided in half to create two payments.   The first payment is due 6 months prior to your wedding date.  The second payment will represent the remaining balance and is due 10-Days prior to your Wedding Date.  Note that the final balance will be recalculated based on your actual, confirmed guest count which is due 12-Days prior to your Wedding Date.

  • At booking – $2,000 non-refundable confirmation payment
  • 6 months Prior – 50% of remaining contact balance due
  • 12-Days prior – Final Guest Count due
  • 10-Days prior – Final Balance due (contract re-calculated based on your final guest count)
What are your event minimums for Weddings?2022-09-22T19:15:32+00:00

To book an event, more than 12 months in advance, we require revenue minimums be met. We are more flexible on these minimums for bookings within the same calendar year.  For Saturdays in the months of May-October event minimums are $20,000.  This amount is the total estimated contract value including tax, gratuity, food & beverage  and any upgrades or services contracted through Stonebridge Golf Club. Minimums on Fridays and Sundays are more flexible.  Each contract will specify a your revenue minimum that must be met for your event date.

What if my final count comes in lower than expected and our event revenue minimum is not met?2020-03-18T19:57:24+00:00

If your event total falls below the minimum noted on the contract (after tax and service charge), you will be charged the equivalent of attaining a 35% profit margin on the difference. You will not be liable for the entire amount below the contract minimum.  For example: If your contract was set at a minimum of $15,000 (after tax and gratuity) and your guest count came in lower than expected resulting in a $10,000 event total, you would be charged 35% of the $2,000 difference equaling $700.  ($15,000 minimum – $13,000 actual)  = $2,000 under contract x 35% profit = $700 charge.  Alternatively you may choose to add additional services, rentals, food & beverage to your contract to meet the minimum.

What will I be charged if my Final Guest Count comes in above or below the number on the contract?2020-03-18T20:02:20+00:00

The guest count on your contract is just an estimate for your budgeting purposes. It also allows Stonebridge to budget for the season.  Each contract has a minimum revenue value associated with the booked date.  The minimum is inclusive of sales tax, service charge and upgrades. As long as your contract remains above the revenue minimum, noted on your contract, we are happy to increase or decrease your guest count. Your final contract payment is due 10 days prior and will be re-calculated  based on your final, confirmed, guest count.

Published pricing has changed since I booked my event, what price do I pay?2015-03-26T22:31:11+00:00

Any item specific pricing on your contract will be honored.  If you add a service, or change a menu item, or have not yet selected a specific menu, pricing would be subject to current published rates on our website.

What if we want to change something on our contract after booking?2020-03-18T20:09:04+00:00

We understand that choosing a venue is the first step in your planning process and you may still be working on your final decisions for your event. As your planning takes shape, you are welcome to contact your event planner, via e-mail, to add/change services at any time after signing.  As long as your contract continues to meet the contracted revenue minimum, noted on your contract, Stonebridge is happy to make changes!  Weddings will have a revenue dollar minimum, and golf outings will have a minimum number of golfers expected.

How do I book a date?2020-05-19T22:19:10+00:00

To book an event at Stonebridge we require a non-refundable confirmation payment along with a signed contract. The deposit will be applied to your final balance.  Deposit amounts vary depending upon the event.

  • Wedding Receptions: $2,000
  • Golf Outings: $500
  • Other Events: $500
Can you hold a date?2015-03-26T20:27:47+00:00

With inquiries coming in daily, we do not hold dates. To guarantee your event date we require a non-refundable deposit, along with a signed contract.