Are you recently engaged? Are you looking for the perfect wedding reception venue in the Ann Arbor area? First, Congratulations!  Second, if you are hoping to get married this coming season you are probably finding that all of the best venues have booked ‘your’ Saturday.  Not only is your preferred Saturday wedding date taken, but EVERY Saturday in that month is booked! I am hear to let you know that this may be the best news you never thought you would appreciate hearing.

Saturdays have long-held the top spot for wedding dates.  This ever-present popularity often means couples must plan almost two years in advance to line up the best venue and vendors. After all, there are a limited number of Saturdays in a given month!  Very few couples have the foresight, or patience, to plan that far in advance. Getting engaged is an exciting time, only to find that Saturdays have already been booked for the coming season.

Let’s consider the top three reasons why a Friday wedding might be preferred over a Saturday date!  Don’t be disappointed, or feel like you are settling for a wedding date that wasn’t at the top of your list.  Let’s raise a glass to all of those couples who booked the Saturday of your dreams.  They just did you a favor! Read on for THREE reasons why you may want to think about getting married on a Friday – rather than the traditional Saturday.

1. Discounts are available for non-Saturday Weddings

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having your wedding on a Saturday at Stonebridge, but when the time comes to actually book our venue, that second Saturday in June opening is no longer available! Don’t think you have to drop Stonebridge as your preferred venue, or settle for a different time of the year. Saturdays tend to fill up very quickly, but by opening up the possibility of getting married on a Friday, not only will you score a picture-perfect venue, but you will receive a discounted price!  Couples find a Friday wedding is a great option because they will receive all the same amenities as a Saturday wedding, but at a lesser cost.

2. You’ll have more time to spend with your guests

Weddings go by way too quickly, especially for the bride and groom. It seems a shame to invite friends and family to your big event and only get to spend a few hours with them.  By having your wedding take place on a Friday, you can extend the post-nuptial fun and allow your guests to get involved in local activities on Saturday. It will help you to enjoy the day of your actual wedding a little more, because you won’t feel as rushed. You can relax knowing you’ll still have plenty of time to hang out with guests before you leave for your honeymoon on Sunday.

Not only will you have more time to spend with your guests, but we have actually seen a higher rate of guests RSVP-ing to Friday weddings rather than those taking place on Saturdays! Ann Arbor has lots to offer, and guests will enjoy getting into town early to enjoy that extra day.  In town guests will appreciate having their full weekend ahead of them.  Plus, Friday weddings are an especially good idea during popular wedding months when a guest may be invited to multiple weddings on the same weekend.

3. The highest quality vendors will be available to you

Since wedding venues are reserved quickly for Saturday dates, it only makes sense that your favorite vendors will be booked in lightning speed as well for those Saturdays. Getting married on a Friday will offer a greater chance of booking ALL preferred vendors. There will be a higher number of Photographers, DJs, etc. available to you if you’re open to non-Saturday dates. This also means that you’ll get choose from the highest quality vendors – not just who’s left.

So take another look at that calendar! Fridays are looking better and better ;)

Stonebridge Golf Club Venue Availability

Wedding Reception & Outdoor Ceremony Availability

For your convenience, we update our venue availability calendar daily! We have a great selection of Friday and Sundays ready to book.  Red dates have already been booked.  Green dates are Available!  Ready for a tour?  Scroll down and contact us today.

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